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great pics :D im glad i got to meet you at mercy and wolfe's. thanks for sharing your pics

Thanks!!! It was great to meet you, too! (Mercy and Wolfe know all the cool people!) ^___^

^___________^ I always wait for your glorious photos, hehe! :D
Aaah Laura's boys and her jewelry kill me every time. I have the steampunk glasses and the winding key coming... HAPPINESS! :D :D

They were just gorgeous!!! *sigh*

That looks so cool and fun!! I can't wait to go to my first Dolpa here (on the 22nd yay!!). It will be a madhouse, I'm sure, being in Tokyo and all that.

I'm sure it'll be a LOT different! But it's all good, I'm sure!!! Have fun!

Glad you posted these.

Glad you got a car. Sorry you had to get one in the first place tho. Like whoa.

Yeah, crap... car problems... what can ya do??? *sigh* I've not been able to get ANYTHING done, either, which is also annoying... well, aside from posting photos!

But really, if you come thinking you're the only one who's got something to teach, be prepared to be.

I think in the last but one shot, that tan girl in the dreads and Egyptian outfit is crybabymommie's new girl, I remember seeing some great pix of her.
Sounds like a really great time!

I think you're right!

Well, it was craziness... and for seeing tons of gorgeous dolls, it can't be beat.

Congratulations on the car! I think you made a good decision. And thanks for all the photos! Great job!

Still sorting out financing problems (mostly due to my lack of regular paychecks! Financing hates free-lancers). 'Hopefully car will be OK. At least the next time I'll have this experience under my belt!

I'm kind of a compulsive documenter with my camera... Nothing artsy--just need to make sure I get as many photos of everything that I can! *___*

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