May 15th, 2013

aprillee, bjd, sard

Cons: Off to SPECTRUM Fantastic Art Live! tomorrow---

Convention Season starts for me this weekend. Going off to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, in Kansas City, MO. It's an all-fantasy art expo that started last year. It's run by the folks who do the SPECTRUM: Best in Fantastic Art Books. And they have their awards ceremony there. Tons of artists have booths and guest artists do panels and presentations. It's pretty cool if you love fantasy art at all.

Here's the website:

I'm sharing a booth with Diana Harlan Stein... and friends, Karen and Joseph Bovenmyer will be there to help us out and just hang out.

Other upcoming events:

Illustration Master Class -- (attending as a student) in June

San Diego Comic Con -- (booth with Diana Stein in Fantasy Illustrators area) in July

GenCon -- (table in art show) in August