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Art: IMC--Crits and Costumes

Still at the IMC. I chose the "Tristan and Isolde" assignment. Going for the Romance!

Before we arrive, we get the assignments. There are a lot of cool ones this year:
Tristan and Isolde
Tarzan and Jane
Old Man's War
... a YA story (can't remember name)
... and a few others.

We are to make thumbnails and bring sketches for a crit on the first day.

There is an online student network were we can ask questions, post images, and arrange shared shuttle rides from the airports. I was busy reserving one of those on the way out for the afternoon arrivals (there were 5 of us), during the days before... But I actually did work up some sketches... No thumbs, though, bad me! And as usual, I had to work on the sketches a bit more on the plane to Mass.

We signed up for a crit sessions with a set of instructors... So here are Rebecca Guay, Dan Dos Santos, Greg Manchess and Iain McCaig doing crits.

These are the BEST crits ever. Nothing nasty. Just lots of great ideas to choose from.

We are encouraged to shoot reference. There are lights set up in the Lecture Hall between lectures, and students bring stuff--like this full suit of plate armor. And other students will put it on to model it for other students. Everyone has work to do, but there's a serious amount of fun and cooperation.

We choose from two painting studios and one no-paint allowed digital room to set up our stuff. And the instructors set up, too. They come around and help students and also do demos and work. Watching people like Boris Vallejo (here) and Julie Bell paint is just amazing.

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