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Art:: IMC Continued!
Well, I'm back from the IMC (Illustration Master Class). I've been bad about posting the past few years, so I'll try and be better this time around. As usual, I have not broken out the paints to finish up my painting... but that doesn't mean I won't. I can definitely see where I'm going with it. I just need to set up a painting space--something that hasn't happened yet, but I'm still hopeful!

So... back to my experience at the IMC...

Donato's set-up, working on a painting of Gandalf.

The importance of shooting good reference... Donato has the perfect model for Gandalf--

I borrowed some fabric from another student and someone else helped me set it up, so I'd have some photo ref for all the drapery that suddenly happened in my sketch--

During the crit sessions on the first day, for a Hunger Games assignment-- Iain gets down at a low angle to capture a quick sketch of Greg... getting physical to show samples of what could improve the composition--

One night in Studio 101, Greg Manchess does a demo painting--





... more from the IMC to come!

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Oh sure... Had to post pictures. Diana's going to be pouty all day now! She so missed going this year. Can't wait to see you at SDCC

Hopefully she'll feel like she was there. She really didn't miss all that much since it was a lot like past years...

See you soon! ^___^

*moan* Soooo jealous...

I wish you could go to one. I'm sure you'd enjoy it. The teachers are all supportive--and all love fantasy art. No downside at all! ^___^

... well, the cost... but seriously, it's worth it, at least once...!!!

Maybe someday -- it sounds like fun! Things would need to improve quite a bit personally for me, but you never know! See you in a couple weeks!

I know... but it's possible someday! Keep it in mind.

See you soon! ^___^

How interesting seeing Donato's pencil rough. I've seen the bare thumbnails before - but looking at his color sketch to give importance to certain areas is facinating. He get's so messy with under painting, I sometimes wonder why he does that - but I am not working in oils

I would love to just buy a book with drapery examples. Hey, maybe I should make one myself! Oh cool.

Hunger Games? That wasn't on the assignment! Yes, Iain seems the type to get down for the sketch.

Greg's work - so blotchy and so beautiful! Great reference. The color is superb. Hey, the small jar of Tor buttons was there as well!

Glad you didn't stay in the dorm too much. Looking forward to seeing what you were doing. Get the space in your house set up - or so help me, I'll come to visit (and you know to check my suitcase upon leaving...)

I totally missed you being there... for one thing... nearly had to share a room with a stranger, but somehow got lucky and had one to myself. Missed having someone to go to meals with. Luckily, I was sitting with some of the girls who shared a shuttle with me, and they were cool. Particularly hung about with Nicole. She's still a student (they get younger all the time!), although a slightly older student, since she served in the Navy first.

Donato-- underpaintings are pretty individual... some people like to put in contrary colors that might show a bit and enrich the main colors. Others are going to establish some values. Mainly, it's to get rid of the white of the board so you've got a medium-value ground, and it can messy since you'll be painting tighter over it.

Drapery... book would be great. There's the Hogarth one, but it's been around a while. I trolled the internet and found some--but nothing that great! For convenience, I think a reference book would be great! (I'd buy your book!)

Greg--he's trying to get blotchier (looser). And he said it's paying off 'cause he got crazy-blotchy for a client that wanted it and he got Society of Illustrator awards for it and got on the cover of Communication Arts.

Hunger Games was a choice. Crazy, huh?

I stayed in the room one day... got tired of hunching over my laptop in the studio (no table to put it on--had to put it on one of those stupid wooden benches, which was a pain).

It's weird going for the 4th time... getting a bit jaded in a way. Not sure how much I'm learning... but it still does the job of getting me into an art-intensive atmosphere--and gets me to make art... so it's worth it.

Anyway--you missed it, but it was very much like past years, so you've also been there/done that... If you had to miss a year, this wasn't so bad, since it was good, but much the same.

Oh--they arranged the schedule of lectures so they were before lunch and dinner and it was GREAT. Seemed to be much more time for everything. I hope they do that again...!

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