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aprillee, bjd, sard

Viressë's Journal

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BJDs: Latest Arrival -- 5StarDolls Aiden
aprillee, bjd, sard
I got a bunch of dolls in this year. This little guy was almost an after-thought. I saw one at a meetup and just thought he was too cute to pass up.

He's a Tiny-sized, about 12" tall. From 5StarDolls, one of the newer companies based in China. He reminded me a bit of Soom's red Trond, a little demon guy that tempted me. And also a bit of a chibi-Hellboy. And his price wasn't too horrible.

His red color is limited to 100.

I'm calling him "Nik the Imp." He's wearing clothes by PixieDust.

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Thanks! He's such a little character! ^__^

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