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Shuttle Endeavour Flight to LAX


The last flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavour was on the news all morning. I watched as it flew up to San Francisco... Then I hopped into my car and headed up the 5 to Disneyland, just on the off-chance I could get a glimpse. As I was on the off-ramp to Harbor Blvd. which runs on the east side of the Park I saw people lining up on the overpass...


I stopped at the light and noticed them all pointing and staring to the north-west... and there it was!


The light turned green for the car ahead of me, but we ignored it. I only have my little point-and-shoot, so the photos aren't great, but I got me some!


Shot the photos through my windshield and side window. I had an excellent view. Good thing I had recently washed the car...


It flew towards me and then to the south... then disappeared off into the hazy-blue sky. I took the next light and turned south on Harbor, watching the crowds disperse. Then I saw it again through the palm trees going back north, to the west of me.

The radio reported the shuttle was already nearing the Queen Mary in Long Beach by the time I'd made a turn onto Katella (street running along the south side of Disneyland). Long Beach is about a half-hour's drive north-west from where I was. I drove through West Street and saw the crowds on the top of the huge Disneyland parking structure. That would have been a great place to view the shuttle.

I circled around the north side of the park on Ball Road and then got back onto the 5. It was just typical that everything was done IN my car. It's very SoCal. On the news they reported that people were seeing accidents caused by people trying to take photos while ON the freeway. At least I wasn't doing that! But the freeways ARE a great place to view things (I can see fireworks shows while driving about on the 4th of July), since they are open and wide and usually raised (we've got the 8-lanes or more on a side type of freeways here).

Yeah... it would have been nicer (and safer and more legal) to actually PARK somewhere and commune with my fellow man, but it was a warm day and my car is nicely air-conditioned and I could follow on the radio and... as I said, the freeways are great viewing platforms (even the one and off-ramps). ^___^

Oddly enough-- The one and only time I've seen a Shuttle Launch was in 1992 when I was in Orlando for Worldcon Magicon-- It was also the Endeavour! It was the 50th launch, on September 12, 1992, Mission STS-47. We only had that once chance to see it launch (and go see the Space Center), since we were going to be leaving after that--and it was the first time in years that it went off as scheduled.

I am so lucky!

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