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Viressë's Journal

bjd stuff and other babbling

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BJDs-- The Fairy House
 photo IMG_0532a_zps66edd222.jpg

 photo IMG_0523a_zpsa9748ac2.jpg
Nixie (Dreamhigh Studios Nox) with baby hedgehog in the bedroom.

 photo IMG_0527a_zpsda730ff3.jpg
Jinx on the couch upstairs with Bumblee.

 photo IMG_0528a_zpsa610ab65.jpg
Nettle is ready for a Tea Party.

 photo IMG_0542a_zpsfa67e9d2.jpg
Jinx rocking hatching dragon baby.

 photo IMG_0536a_zps3b1fe2d1.jpg
Nettle with Kitty in the kitchen.

 photo IMG_0547a_zps7f10a6c6.jpg
Nixie on the garden bench.

 photo IMG_0544a_zpse944ff04.jpg
Nettle on the bedroom balcony.

 photo IMG_0586_zpsba9ae0c1.jpg

 photo IMG_0549a_zpsae7be6de.jpg
Bumblee and Jinx and another guest.

 photo IMG_0558a_zpsd0c93b02.jpg
Apples in the kitchen.

 photo IMG_0560a_zps08b87231.jpg
Petting the kitty.

 photo IMG_0567a_zps0c5aad61.jpg
Jinx in bed.

 photo IMG_0576_zpsc14e4a1a.jpg
Having Tea.

 photo IMG_0592_zpse42d28e9.jpg
At the front door.

 photo IMG_0599_zps9114c281.jpg
Nixie arrived by topiary turtle...!

 photo IMG_0600_zpsc47b5dc5.jpg
Nettle at the front door.

 photo IMG_0617_zps2fb4f3d0.jpg
Jinx on giant mushrooms.

 photo IMG_0631_zpsdbf5ab90.jpg

 photo IMG_0622_zps3e2cf6fa.jpg
Nixie on the roof.


Fairy House, furnishings, decor-- made by doremi (of Germany) on The Resin Cafe
Mushrooms-- by Bruce
Nixie-- Dreamhigh Studios, DHS Nox
Baby Hedgehogs-- Calico Critters
Hatching Dragon -- Daisy Dayes
Bumblee-- Buzz the Bee by Mushroom Peddler (blushing, too)
Nettle-- Fairyland Realpuki Aki, fullset
Jinx-- Fairyland Realpuki Soso, default faceup

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(Deleted comment)
I was so happy to be able to get that house! The details are just wonderful.

I worried that it would arrive in pieces, what with all the dried flowers and moss that is attached, but amazingly, it was not damaged at all!

I would love to put something like this together myself, but it would take AGES! As it was, I got to add a few little bits--like the two larger rugs and the flowers in the basket, the other baskets and the apples and strawberries... and the lantern in the bedroom. It's so fun to have all these little items. ^___^


I had my little Realpukis and meant to get some sort of little diorama for them (easier, since they are tiny enough to work with dollhouse items). Finding a whole fairy house was just wonderful!

omg cute,that blue haired little freak{said adoringly} looks like trouble and tricks with that smile lol

this reminds me a little of the troll house I played with as a kid

I love all the kool customization,so inviting and interesting at every turn :)

Jinx resembles that remark, for sure!

I had trolls, but no troll house, as a kid. I loved trolls... for some reason! They really are pretty odd little things, if I think about it.

I just love the creativity in this hobby. I'd never be able to build such a nice house, myself.

(Deleted comment)
I really adore dollhouses and dioramas, but you know how much room and time and effort it takes to have them in 1/3 size. This house was 1/12 and still pretty big! But MUCH more do-able!

doremi, on Resin Cafe, really put a lot of work into that house. I'm really fortunate to have snapped it up. I just love all the details, too.

Awesome! Love all the detail work and it is all so very cute!

Heh... SO much more easy to deal with than all the big dioramas that you all work on for the BJDcon. It's all roughly 2'x2'

I keep wanting to stuff it with more things, since 1/12 scale is so easy to find things for... But it was really quite perfect as it came from the maker.

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