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aprillee, bjd, sard

Viressë's Journal

bjd stuff and other babbling

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BJDs-- The Fairy House
 photo IMG_0532a_zps66edd222.jpg

 photo IMG_0523a_zpsa9748ac2.jpg
Nixie (Dreamhigh Studios Nox) with baby hedgehog in the bedroom.

 photo IMG_0527a_zpsda730ff3.jpg
Jinx on the couch upstairs with Bumblee.

 photo IMG_0528a_zpsa610ab65.jpg
Nettle is ready for a Tea Party.

 photo IMG_0542a_zpsfa67e9d2.jpg
Jinx rocking hatching dragon baby.

 photo IMG_0536a_zps3b1fe2d1.jpg
Nettle with Kitty in the kitchen.

 photo IMG_0547a_zps7f10a6c6.jpg
Nixie on the garden bench.

 photo IMG_0544a_zpse944ff04.jpg
Nettle on the bedroom balcony.

 photo IMG_0586_zpsba9ae0c1.jpg

 photo IMG_0549a_zpsae7be6de.jpg
Bumblee and Jinx and another guest.

 photo IMG_0558a_zpsd0c93b02.jpg
Apples in the kitchen.

 photo IMG_0560a_zps08b87231.jpg
Petting the kitty.

 photo IMG_0567a_zps0c5aad61.jpg
Jinx in bed.

 photo IMG_0576_zpsc14e4a1a.jpg
Having Tea.

 photo IMG_0592_zpse42d28e9.jpg
At the front door.

 photo IMG_0599_zps9114c281.jpg
Nixie arrived by topiary turtle...!

 photo IMG_0600_zpsc47b5dc5.jpg
Nettle at the front door.

 photo IMG_0617_zps2fb4f3d0.jpg
Jinx on giant mushrooms.

 photo IMG_0631_zpsdbf5ab90.jpg

 photo IMG_0622_zps3e2cf6fa.jpg
Nixie on the roof.


Fairy House, furnishings, decor-- made by doremi (of Germany) on The Resin Cafe
Mushrooms-- by Bruce
Nixie-- Dreamhigh Studios, DHS Nox
Baby Hedgehogs-- Calico Critters
Hatching Dragon -- Daisy Dayes
Bumblee-- Buzz the Bee by Mushroom Peddler (blushing, too)
Nettle-- Fairyland Realpuki Aki, fullset
Jinx-- Fairyland Realpuki Soso, default faceup

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Jinx resembles that remark, for sure!

I had trolls, but no troll house, as a kid. I loved trolls... for some reason! They really are pretty odd little things, if I think about it.

I just love the creativity in this hobby. I'd never be able to build such a nice house, myself.

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