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aprillee, bjd, sard

Viressë's Journal

bjd stuff and other babbling

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BJDs-- My Pirate King ( Granado Charles )
aprillee, bjd, sard
I just had another BJD arrival this past week, a Granado Charles in Pink skin, with company faceup. I had planned on commissioning a full royal King Charles II outfit, but haven't managed to do that yet. I had a DollHeart outfit for 70cm sized doll just lying about (I couldn't resist--it was such a fantastic outfit!)-- so I threw it on this guy and I think it could have been made for him!

 photo IMG_1190a_zpseb6efecf.jpg

Carolus St.John Stuart, "Sinjun."
 photo IMG_1249a_zps3e4c3e8a.jpg

Here's the Granado Doll website:

I have more photos up on Den of Angels:

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Arrrrr, he be gorgeous!!

Heh! It was weird, because I wasn't thinking of him being a pirate until I got him home and all I had was a couple of DollHeart outfits in 70cm size... I even got him in a normal skin tone because I wasn't thinking about him being pirate-y. ... I have NO idea why I had this blink 'cuz I have all this pirate stuff lying about and he really works well, with his kind of scruffy slightly Jack Sparrow-ish smokey eyes...!

The dolls always end up surprising me. ^__^ (of course, I make it WAY too easy...) *____*

... glad to have a comment from the original Pirate Queen! it's like a stamp of approval!

Oh, yes, I DO approve. ^_^

Awesome doll! Beautiful sculpt!

Thanks! ... so many cool and different sculpts out these days!

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