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Viressë's Journal

bjd stuff and other babbling

This is primarily for my BJD, (ASIAN) BALL-JOINTED DOLL interest, although I'll occasionally post other things (Life, Art, Reading, Travel, Conventions, etc.).

I'm a free-lance illustrator mostly doing fantasy card game art at the moment, but for ten years was also working full-time as a 2D and 3D computer game artist (modeler, texturer, animator, etc.)
For my ART, it's best to head over to my Art & Illustration Website:
Or to My Deviant Art Page:
Or to my Art Only Blog on Blogger (although I will usually x-post here, too):
My Portfolio Pages for Art Directors--
My Epilogue Pages--

I love reading (have a degree in Engl. Lit. and another in History; primarily read FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION, ROMANCE (HISTORICAL and some M/M), MYSTERY (HISTORICAL), FICTION (HISTORICAL and SEA ADVENTURE).
My BOOK REVIEWS are mostly posted directly to Amazon:
LibraryThing Profile:
Shelfari Profile:

My username on Den of Angels (ABJD Forum): april

My BJDs:
CP-Elf-El(BW) --Elurin.
CP-Elf-Lishe(BW) --Lothiriel.
CP-Elf Yder(BW) --Ydrahil.
CP-Juri(BW) head --Irime.
Volks Shiro Tachibana One-Off --Tamishirou "Tamlin".
Volks Cyndy 2 --Tsukiko.
Bambicrony Elf Kumi (Misty Blue) --Snowdrop.
Bambicrony Elf Pepe (Light Slate Gray) --Nightshade.
Tinybear Bracken (white) --Cobweb.
Tinybear Moona (white) --Moth.
Elfdoll Alice Cherry Blossom, Gothic Hoody Version/2 --Freckles.
Pipos Bao (fullset) --Seth.
Luts Zuzu Delf Lio Duke --Justin Alastair.
Soom Sard A Night's Odessey (faceup & blushing) -- Araqiel.
Soom Euclase (default faceup) -- Sokaris.
CP-Elf El Vampire(BW) head -- Elureth
CP-Elf Lishe Vampire(BW) head.
CP-Elf Lishe Dreaming(BW) Head.
CP-Elf Yder Sleeping(BW) head.

Viresse's Haven--My BJD Website:

Please feel free to Friend me! ^____^

I will try to friend back, but I'm often bad about checking on those, so don't be surprised if I haven't: it's nothing personal, just disorganization!